A Sustainable Future

Bentley sees a future driven by new technologies, new materials, new fuels and new skills, in the pursuit of a radically different luxury world. The next step on this journey is the new EXP 12 Speed 6e concept: an opportunity to gauge public opinion, to test new ideas and to refine the brand’s roadmap for the years to come.


For almost a century, Bentley has been famous for its unrivalled craftsmanship, its automotive technology and the phenomenal power of its cars. But the future of luxury mobility is set to change radically.

The next step on Bentley’s journey will be reviewing the possibility of an all-electric product range, from sports cars and sedans to SUVs. Digital assistants will do much more than simply drive the car. They will serve as a concierge, responding intelligently to voice commands, helping the occupants plan their entire day – not just make their way through it.


For Bentley’s designers, the journey into the future has already begun – and with the development of a new and innovative automotive concept, it is now gathering pace. At the Geneva International Motorshow in March 2017, Bentley unveiled the electric EXP 12 Speed 6e concept: a leap forward in sustainable luxury, with no compromise to the exhilarating performance for which Bentley is renowned.

It showcases a truly innovative approach to materials and design, with a central tunnel made entirely of glass, housing a high-definition OLED touchscreen. Inside and out, copper details highlight the car’s status as Bentley’s first all-electric vehicle, while its ‘6’ logo glows behind the matrix grille. Created to demonstrate Bentley’s plans, the EXP12 Speed 6e concept represents the next step in the refinement of Bentley’s vision – and another milestone on the brand’s journey into a sustainable future.


Bentley has always built cars for the open road; for the joy of heading towards the horizon and the glory of the grand tour. But as the motoring world turns its attention to the electric drivetrain Bentley’s engineers are placing special emphasis on two factors that will define the brand’s future: vehicle range from a single charge and the time it takes to recharge the battery pack. The EXP12 Speed 6e is the first execution of this strategy, with enough range to carry its occupants from London to Paris on a single charge. This generous range will be combined with rapid inductive charging.

Performance, too, will continue to improve. Bentley has long been famous for its surging torque, delivered to date by hand-built internal combustion engines. But imagine the power produced by an all-electric Bentley.


Few car marques can claim to understand the needs of luxury customers the way Bentley does. Its designers have always held a unique view of technology: that its role should only be to enhance, never to overpower. New features are not added unless they deliver a clear benefit to the customer – and that is the way it will stay. With this guiding principle, Bentley will introduce new interfaces, both for interacting with cars in the future and for the integration of personal devices such as phones, watches and tablets. The result will be a connected lifestyle that continues seamlessly while in the car.


Bentley is already engaged in the development, creation and testing of new technologies, using sustainable materials and practices.

For example, the company has long used ethically sourced natural materials, working with wood suppliers who plant more trees than they cut down. But technological improvements in materials production will mean more widespread use of innovative materials like carbon fibre. Indeed, Bentley is already a leader in this space, interweaving carbon fibre with metals like copper to create unique decorative finishes.

In a world where every business function is reliant on sustainable technology, the profile of the staff Bentley hires will change. Yet more science, computing and engineering professionals will be sought, as the company builds a workforce with the skills needed in a digital future.

While other brands strive to keep up with a changing world, Bentley is already aiming to outperform it. It is this constant desire to be truly extraordinary that sets it apart from the rest.