Hand-crafted by Mulliner – Bentley’s personal commissioning division – the Bentayga Falconry features a bespoke installation in the rear which houses all the equipment required for an enjoyable falconry expedition.

Of course, this being a Mulliner creation, only the very best materials are used, and the standout feature of this car is the exquisite Saker falcon marquetry.

Every piece of wood has been carefully chosen for its properties, such as the speckling of Lacewood that mimics the rippling of the windswept desert, and no stone has been left unturned in the quest for perfection. In the depiction of the falcon itself, the vanes of each individual feather are achieved by cutting the shape from specific veneers, while sand shading – a classic hand-crafting technique which enhances definition – adds a darker gradient to the tips of the wings, creating shadow and the illusion of depth.

It’s an amazing piece of craftsmanship, and every one of the 430 pieces used in the marquetry inlay has undergone four separate processes of cutting, sand shading, pressing and double cutting – before being assembled by hand over nine days.