If the new Continental Supersports is the most exciting Bentley ever built, then the Convertible takes the experience to another level. With the top down, you enjoy a heightened experience of phenomenal performance, handling and speed. It is practical for all seasons too, being well-insulated to keep you warm or cool all year round. It is perfect for open-top motoring through the summer and as comfortable as the coupé during the winter months. Its supercar performance is the result of an astonishing 700 bhp (710 PS) harnessed with engineering innovations that include Torque Vectoring, developed by Bentley Motorsport.

All housed in a car that is the highest iteration of the current Continental GT: with its striking and assertive appearance, it looks every inch a supercar with bold body styling features and carbon-fibre accents. The interior also delivers a stunning race-inspired design in the form of a uniquely bold chequered carbon-fibre to the fascia plates, and a completely new three-tone interior colour splitoption. Only a very limited number of these cars will be built, making the new Continental Supersports Convertible a rare and unique pleasure to own and drive.

Model Features

As the pinnacle of the Continental range, the Supersports Convertible lives up to its name. Built on motorsport technology used in the GT3-R, it is the most dynamic Bentley ever to take to the road. As you would expect, it features thrilling levels of acceleration and speed, taking you from 0 to 60 mph in a breathtaking 3.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, on to a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h). At speed, it is a blur. Specified with technology that makes it suitable for all weather conditions, the Convertible is a true pleasure to drive throughout the year.

The Continental Supersports is instantly recognisable from its brooding, striking looks, with unique design features that make it stand out from its siblings. With an unlimited choice of colours and unique colour splits, you can personalise the Supersports to reflect your own unique style.

As you would expect from the pinnacle of the Continental range, the world’s fastest four-seater is the most powerful Bentley Convertible ever produced. Inspired by the Motorsports technology developed for the GT3-R, every aspect of its exceptional engineering has been designed to deliver unprecedented responsiveness and performance.

As with all Bentley models, there is an opportunity to choose unique additions throughout the Supersports Convertible. So you can express your individual style and taste to make it your own – making one of a limited number of cars even rarer. If you wish, you can add the Supersports X Specification that offers an extended choice and an enhanced take on personalisation, combining striking exterior choices and equally eye-catching interior coloured hide splits.



Take a closer look at the incredible design and detail that the Continental Supersports Convertible has to offer. There is no doubt you are in the presence of the most powerful Bentley ever, with its blend of ultimate performance and unique sporting luxury makes. Feast your eyes on this dynamic and impressive Convertible.