Flying Spur W12 S

The Flying Spur W12 S is a luxury sports sedan with the power many supercar owners can only dream of – and with the craftsmanship for which Bentley has long been renowned.

While every car in the Flying Spur range could be described in such terms, the introduction of the new Flying Spur W12 S raises the bar once again.

The first four-door Bentley to achieve a top speed in excess of 200 mph, the Flying Spur W12 S sets new standards in the world of luxury cars. The engine has been tuned for added power and torque, alongside the introduction of suspension settings that deliver truly dynamic handling, without compromise to the car’s refined ride. With sporting details in evidence inside and out, there is no question that the Flying Spur W12 S is a car for the serious driver. Indeed, for many, it provides all the driving satisfaction of a grand tourer, alongside the range, space for luggage and rear comfort of the world’s finest luxury sedan. This is a flagship model with a darker side.

With a power output of 635 PS and torque levels of 820 Nm, the 6.0-litre hand-built engine in the Flying Spur W12 S delivers effortless acceleration, taking the car and its occupants from 0-60 mph in a blistering 4.2 seconds. Yet with improved handling and overall responsiveness in every driving situation, there is much more to the Flying Spur W12 S than speed alone.

This is a powerful sedan that the most discerning drivers will appreciate – and every passenger will adore.

Model Features

Dynamic progressive design

With a striking sporting appearance designed to mark it out against the rest of the Flying Spur range, the Flying Spur W12 S is impossible to miss. Gloss black metal details adorn its sleek exterior, along with W12 S badging on the rear pillar and the stainless steel W12 S branded treadplates. Dark tint lamps to the front and rear are teamed with a black matrix grille, rear diffuser and 21” 7 gloss black Twin-spoke wheels, which can be paired with a choice of either red or black painted brake calipers.

The sports front bumper design helps to give the impression of sitting lower to the road, while a gloss black diffuser completes the brooding picture.

The power of personalisation

There are now many ways to make your already unique Flying Spur W12 S completely yours. With a wide range of unique features including the Mulliner Driving Specification as standard and black brightware on the exterior of the car, it represents a strikingly charismatic canvas on which to make your mark with Bentley’s incredible range of options. With over a hundred colours to choose from and the opportunity to commission truly bespoke additions from the Mulliner workshop, you will never see another car quite like your Flying Spur.

Discover the design, performance and technology that make the Flying Spur W12 S so special.



One look at the new Flying Spur W12 S is enough to convey much about its character. Witness the brooding combination of dark tint headlamps, gloss black badging and the imposing black gloss matrix grille and there can be no doubting its sporting credentials.

Which is why, despite the long list of handcrafted touches that mark this model out from its siblings in the Flying Spur range, the only way to truly appreciate what it stands for is to cast your eyes over its sleek, superformed exterior.

Inside, the motorsport theme continues, with innovative finishes such as carbon fibre and the unique black engine spin finish developed specifically for the Flying Spur W12 S. The Mulliner Driving Specification adds drilled alloy foot pedals and knurled metal surfaces, while contrast stitching and new seat colour splits will impress any onlookers fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the cabin interior.

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