The Mulsanne Design Series By Mulliner

The Mulsanne Design Series By Mulliner

We’re delighted to inform you that the exclusive Mulliner Limited Edition has arrived. Created by Bentley’s personal commissioning division – the new and darkly alluring Mulsanne Design Series is a contemporary and inspired take on the already bold and confident Mulsanne aesthetic.

A lifetime of craftsmanship. A flash of inspiration.

Influenced by high-end fashion and contemporary interior design trends, this exclusive car combines striking exterior design elements interwoven with eye-catching coloured accents throughout the cabin. Choose from three striking accent colours: Kingfisher, Bronze or Silver, to create flashes of brilliance in expected – and unexpected places.

New-look carbon fibre.

Our Mulliner Design Team have fashioned a unique new iteration of carbon fibre inspired by high-tech sportswear called Tessellated Coloured Carbon Fibre. It showcases their skills perfectly.

carbon fibre

An accent on style.

The sophisticated aesthetic of the Mulsanne Design Series includes gloss black lower brightware, a gloss black Mulsanne vertical vane grille and bumper grille, the iconic dark tint Flying ‘B’ mascot and 21” 5-Spoke Directional Speed wheels. All of which enhance the already sleek exterior features.

Limited Edition. Limited numbers.

Available across the Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed models, the small production run of this Limited Edition will give it rarity to match its beauty.

For more information on commissioning your preferred model, please contact us.