The Driver's Mulsanne

The new Mulsanne Speed offers a combination of extraordinary luxury and limitless power that only a Bentley can deliver. But for the serious driver, it offers something more. It offers more control. More performance. More overtly dynamic styling, inside and out. And in the eyes of many, a more purposeful appearance, its black steel details adding to its powerful road presence.

Unique Sports Styling

The new, wide front grille houses dark tint matrix brightware, a theme carried through to the Bentley ‘B’ wing vents and even the new dark tint lamps. As you enter the car, polished stainless steel treadplates greet you, engraved with the word, ‘Speed’. Drilled alloy sports foot pedals and a knurled sports gear lever bring Bentley’s racing heritage to mind, as you sit in its newly designed diamond quilted seats.

Phenomenal Performance

But ultimately, the Mulsanne Speed is all about performance. A re-engineered 6¾ litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine propels it to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds (100 km/h in 4.9 seconds) and a phenomenal top speed of 190 mph (305 km/h), the gear changes almost imperceptible, thanks to its 8-speed automatic transmission.

Model Features

A Car for the Driver - and the Driven

The new Mulsanne Speed is much more than just a powerhouse. It is a car for those who prefer to take the wheel themselves; those who insist on being in control. The word ‘Speed’ is engraved on the treadplates, greeting you on entry with an indication of the performance to come.

With tighter suspension, a performance-tuned powertrain and styling cues that evoke almost a century of excellence in motorsport, the new Mulsanne Speed delivers a more thrilling driving experience than any comparable car, without compromising on comfort.

The Darker Side of Luxury

Brightware is the name Bentley gives to the polished chrome exterior details that adorn most of the company’s cars. But on the new Mulsanne Speed, bright gives way to darkness, the polished dark tint details lending this Mulsanne a decidedly meaner appearance. The new Speed wing vents and the matrix grille that sits behind the new vertical vanes are recipients of this finish, as are the headlamps and the Bentley ‘B’ rear lamps – the latter being, for many fellow road users, their most enduring memory of the new Mulsanne Speed.

Inimitable Interior Design

As the Mulsanne’s most sport-focused interpretation, the cabin of the new Mulsanne Speed is unmistakable. The hand-stitched leather hides feature a unique Speed colour split, which can be commissioned in numerous combinations. Diamond quilting can be seen across every seat and each of the four interior door panels, while the four headrests feature hand-embroidered Bentley emblems – which, again, can be commissioned in the colour of your choice.

Details Inspired by the Track

Wherever you look in the new Mulsanne Speed, you’ll see fine details that evoke Bentley’s long history of success on the track. Drilled alloy sports foot pedals and a knurled sports gear lever lend a dynamic edge to the opulence of the car’s handcrafted interior, while thoughtful touches abound, such as knurled chrome surfaces to prevent fingers from slipping on the organ stop air vents and a coined finish on the insides of the door handles. They may be hidden from view, but to the craftsmen and women at the Bentley factory, every detail matters, however small.

Advanced Vision

New all-LED headlamps, repositioned for a sleek, contemporary look, feature a wealth of assistive technology. Built-in light sensors and GPS integration enable them to automatically select from four different light modes, optimised for driving in town, in the country, on the motorway or in situations where you simply need maximum illumination.

Safe Haven

The new Mulsanne Speed, like the other cars in the range, features new curtain airbags concealed in the roof, for added passenger safety in the event of a collision.



There is no car in the world that can match the unique combination of luxury, style and performance delivered by the new Mulsanne Speed. The images in our Gallery provide an insight into the stunning design and craftsmanship that make it such a unique car.